Free e-book on cutting-edge science and technology of nanocrystals

(Nanowerk News) Open access publisher InTech has release its latest addition to its nanotechnology series: Nanocrystal. Yhe 494-page book, edited by Yoshitake Masuda, is available as a free pdf download.
Nanocrystals have been attracting much attention for future science and technology. Chapters are sought that address innovative solutions to the design, synthesis, crystallization, morphology control, self-assembly, nano/micro-structure formation, patterning, novel property and device application of Nanocrystals.

The book involves Nanocrystals of metal oxides, semiconductors, compounds, noble metals, metals, inorganic materials, carbon materials, organic molecules, polymers, bio materials, hybrid materials, composites, etc. It features remarkable breakthrough on Nanocrystals and provides latest scientific knowledge and leading-edge technology. They offer research agenda and accelerate the research, development and diffusion of Nanocrystals.
Source: InTech