Phantoms Foundation launches a catalogue of nanotechnology companies in Spain

(Nanowerk News) At the end of the 90s, Spain did not have any institutional framework nor initiative pointed towards the support and promotion of R&D in Nanotechnology. This fact pushed the scientific community to promote several initiatives to strengthen research in Nanotechnology and, at the same time, to raise the awareness of Public Administration and industry about the need to support this emergent field. In parallel, numerous companies dedicated to N&N arouse, many of them spin-offs emerging from research centers.
The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) conscious of the importance of this field to the development and growth of Spanish companies decided to launch 5 years ago an action plan on Nanotechnology, which Phantoms Foundation coordinates. Within this framework, in 2011 a catalogue that gathers 53 companies working in N&N was launched.
The first edition of this catalogue was issued last April as an insert in the E-Nano Newsletter, a publication issued every 3 months with scientific articles, reports and general information in the field of Nanotechnology and more specifically "Emerging Nanoelectronics" with more than 1500 printed copies and a PDF version available online. The catalogue was also spread through ICEX trade offices around the World and the channels provided by Phantoms Foundation: webpage, events and Nanospain network.
The first edition of this catalogue unites 53 companies working in this field and since April, 12 companies are coupled, which proves that N&N in Spain is getting more active and lively than ever.
Since the year of 2000 until 2010, 36 companies were created mainly related to nanomaterials, nanocomposites, nanobio and nanoparticles. In the upcoming years we will assist to a significant increase on the companies performing R&D in nanoscience and nanotechnology in Spain.
Phantoms Foundation, in collaboration with ICEX, is working on a website of Nano companies in Spain which will be launched by the end of 2011.
This catalogue gives a global outlook of Spanish nano market and has proved that Spain is a competitive player in this field.
Catalogue available here: (pdf)
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