Posted: July 10, 2007

Nanotechnology and sex

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology and sex - our story title got your attention, didn't it? It seems the European Union thinks the same way. The EU launched its very own YouTube platform on June 29 - complete with some of Europe's leading nanotechnology research and European film's best sex scenes.
Called EUtube, the site currently has 49 videos about all kinds of aspects of EU policy, from "The Reform of the Common Market Organisation for Sugar" to "A European Vision for the Seas".
And then there is a 44 second clip innocently titled "Film lovers will love this!" - watched over 3 million times so far - showing racy sex scenes from award-winning European films.
While there has been a lot of complaints in Europe – one from the conservative party League of Polish Families, another from a conservative British member of the European Parliament – it is not difficult to imagine what hysterical levels the protest of religious and conservative groups would reach in the U.S. if USINFO or some other official body would compile a video like this.
European Commission spokesman Martin Selmayr dismisses the criticism: "The European Union is not a Bible belt, we believe in freedom of expression and artistic creativity" he says.
Oh, and the nanotechnology video mentioned above, which is the excuse for this whole posting, is titled "Micro and nanotechnologies are revolutionising medicine" and was viewed about 31,000 times.
Source: EU