Carbonhagen 2011 - "increasing the carbon footprint"

(Nanowerk News) Carbonhagen 2010 was a first try at a joint meeting between researchers in carbon nanotubes and graphene areas, which judging from the attendance and feedback collected after the meeting, was a great success.
Carbonhagen 2011 is a two day symposium on graphene and carbon nanotubes, jointly organised by the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen and Nano Connect Scandinavia. The symposium will cover fabrication, physical, electronic, chemical and optical properties, device integration and applications, and will take place in the spaceous Lundbeck auditorium at the University of Copenhagen. The aim is to emphasize challenges and problems in addition to established results and achievements, to give an impression of the state of art and to point directions in an increasingly diverse field.
Confirmed speakers
Vincenzo Palermo, Nanochemistry Lab, ISOF-Bologna, CNR Italy IT, Not a molecule, not a polymer, not a substrate...
Chris Ewels, University of Nantes, FR, Escape from graphene flatland
Arkady Krasheninnikov, University of Helsinki, Helsinki University of Technology, FI Tailoring the atomic and electronic structure of 2D carbon and boron-nitride materials by electron and ion beams
Eleanor Campbell, University of Edinburgh, UK, Insitu studied of carbon nanotube growth and the mechanical properties of graphene nanomembranes
Bill Milne, University of Cambridge, UK, Are Carbon nanotubes the future of electronics?Peter Blake, University of Manchester, Graphene Industries, UK, Graphene and boron nitride hybrid structures
Jari Kinaret, Chalmers University of Technology, SE. Non-linear electromechanics with carbon
Xinliang Feng, Max Planck Institute in Mainz, GE Two-dimensional nanosheets based on chemically derived graphene
Liv Hornekær, Århus University, DK, Engineering a bandgap opening in graphene through chemical functionalisation
Ken Teo Aixtron SE Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene - Equipment perspectives and challenges
Tim Booth, Technical University of Denmark, DK, Patterning of nanomaterials of the few-atom scale
Johan Liu, Chalmers University of Technology, SE. Thermal Management of Electronics using Carbon Nanotubes
Kurt Stokbro, Quantumwise A/S, Denmark, Atomic scale modelling of Carbon transistorsPagona Papakonstantinou, U. Ulster, TBA
There are still slots available for oral presentations. If interested, please contact us at [email protected].
Source: Technical University of Denmark