Wiley-VCH and ChemPubSoc Europe to launch open access chemistry journal

(Nanowerk News) Wiley-VCH, part of the scientific and technical publishing business of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and ChemPubSoc Europe, an association of 16 chemical societies, have announced the launch of ChemistryOpen, the first open access chemical society journal. The societies are joining a new open access publishing program announced by John Wiley & Sons in February.
ChemistryOpen will publish peer-reviewed primary research in all areas of chemistry, and will thus satisfy funding organisations and institutes which require that the research funded by them should be accessible to all. As an additional feature, the new journal will publish short summaries of PhD theses with a link to the full version. This Thesis Treasury will make PhD theses in Chemistry readily accessible while linking them through CrossRef to all cited journal articles in the program.
The editors Dr Karen Hindson and Dr Haymo Ross situated in Weinheim, Germany, say that ChemistryOpen will be published online only. The first open access articles will be posted online later this year, with the first full issue following in early 2012.
"With ChemistryOpen, ChemPubSoc Europe wishes to offer our 72,000 European chemical society members and the international chemistry community a high-quality, peer-reviewed journal that meets the needs of authors," said Professor Wolfram Koch, Executive Director of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh; German Chemical Society) and co-President of ChemPubSoc Europe. "We are delighted to be working with Wiley-VCH to deliver this important new service."
To guarantee the highest possible quality the journal will have an Editorial Advisory Board headed by Professors Ramón Martínez-Máñez and Thomas Wirth, whose expertise cover a broad range of disciplines. Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in 1987, also supports this initiative as an Honorary Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board.
"The step taken by the 16 European Chemical Societies is unique," said Professor Martínez-Máñez from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. "To publish ChemistryOpen alongside Chemistry - A European Journal, the European Journals of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry and ChemBioChem, ChemCatChem, ChemMedChem, ChemPhysChem, and ChemSusChem will make it very attractive for society members who require an open access outlet for their results. The inclusion of The Thesis Treasury is a major benefit."
"Publications in open access journals are increasingly encouraged for the dissemination of government-funded research results," said Professor Wirth from Cardiff University. "ChemPubSoc Europe's insistence on high quality contributions, together with a high standard of refereeing, will make ChemistryOpen a success."
Source: Wiley