All New Edition of Nanotechnology For Dummies Hits Stores

(Nanowerk News) Wiley Publishing recently published an all-new edition of this introductory guide to nanotechnology. The authors, Earl Boysen and Nancy Muir Boysen have completely rewritten the second edition of this book to cover nanotechnology basics plus recent advances in the field. Drawing on their experience in writing easy to understand information about nano on the website,, the authors of this entry in the popular For Dummies series have produced a book that's perfect for those who need a solid introduction to nanotechnology.
The book starts with an overview of the history of nanotechnology, along with some basic definitions and concepts. Then the authors look at applications of nano in a variety of industries ranging from medicine to aerospace and defense.
The book looks at the many nanotechnology-enabled consumer products available on the market today, such as clothing, cosmetics, and sporting goods, and provides real-world examples of applications under development that could cause radical changes in how we age, communicate, and build things.
Nanotechnology For Dummies also explores various ethical issues involving nanotechnology advances that could impact our healthcare system, environment, and global economy.
As Desiree Dudley and Christine Peterson of the Foresight Institute state in their foreword to the book, "Nanotechnology For Dummies, 2nd Edition, guides the reader through a bright path of progress and possibility, on a road that will eventually lead to all that nanotechnology promises. This book also serves as an entrée into the basic concepts, achievements, problems, and prospects in this exciting field."
The sections of the book cover the following topics:
Part I: Nanotechnology Basics
The chapters in Part I introduce you to nanotechnology: what it is, where it came from, and the people who made key discoveries to advance the science. We also include chapters about nano materials, techniques used in manipulating those materials, and tools that every nanotechnologist should have in his or her nano toolkit.
Part II: Nano Applications
Nanotechnology is a science that has applications in almost every area of life, from health care to manufacturing, space travel to improving our environment. In Part II, we explore what's being done, developed, or just imagined in various industries and settings.
Part III: Nanotechnology and People
Nanotechnology may be relevant to you in a few keys ways. In Part III, we explore the ethical, safety, and regulatory issues that may have an effect on how you interact with nanotechnology products or processes in your daily life. We also explore the educational and career opportunities you might want to take advantage of to become part of this fascinating field.
Part IV: Parts of Tens
There are many players in the field of nanotechnology and many resources. In the three chapters in Part IV, we offer an overview of ten great web sites related to nano, ten universities that are offering interesting nano programs, and ten research labs at the forefront of nanotechnology research and development.
The glossary puts all the nanotechnology terms we introduce in the book in one spot to give you a handy, alphabetical reference.
Earl Boysen, founder of, has over 20 years experience in the semiconductor industry and holds a masters degree in Engineering Physics. Co-author Nancy Muir Boysen has published over 60 books on technology topics ranging from enterprise computing to electronics and is the senior editor of
Nanotechnology For Dummies, 2nd Edition from Wiley Publishing (publisher suggested price, $24.99) is now available from major book retailers such as or Barnes and Noble (
Source: London Centre for Nanotechnology