Thai National Nanotechnology Center celebrates 8th anniversary

(Nanowerk News) The National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) celebrated its 8th Anniversary on August 8 with a religious ceremony, followed by a talk by Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai, Executive Director on "Innovate for a Better Tomorrow".
Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai, Executive Director, NANOTEC
Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai, Executive Director, NANOTEC.
"Since 2008, we have successfully increased the number of international publications and patent registration" said Prof. Sirirurg. "The impact to the industry increased from USD 1.5M in 2010 to USD 30M in 2011. This is the result of continuous drive to building strong partnerships with the industry. We will continue to play an increasing role in strengthening the university-NSTDA/NANOTEC-industry triangle in a way that is symbiotic to our mutual interests."
Prof. Sirirurg commented that "Innovate for a Better Tomorrow" is a key message that NANOTEC would like to adopt as it moves toward becoming a significant player in the international industrial R&D community. "The research we undertake must reflect our vision of National Importance, International Excellence, and Global Visibility."
As part of the anniversary celebration, NANOTEC gave recognitions to researchers and staff under the following category: Frontier Award, Director's Award, and Distinguished Service Award. In addition, the staff and senior management took this opportunity to present scholarships and help renovate a local school as part of the corporate social responsibility activity.