Call for proposals: Bionic-Award 2012

(Nanowerk News) For the third time, the VDI (Association of German Engineers) and the DBU (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt) will present the international Bionic-Award for outstanding scientific achievement in the field of biomimetic/bionic product development. The award is endowed with €10,000 from the Schauenburg Foundation and will be presented to a young researcher or a team of young researchers.
Bionics forms a connection between the fields of biology and technology. Knowledge gained from basic biological research serves as a source of inspiration for solutions to technical problems and for the development of new innovations. This makes bionics a key technology for the future.
VDI and BIOKON are committed to integrating the bionic idea into education and training curriculums and promoting communication between bioscientists and engineers. In addition to presenting the international Bionic-Award, the VDI is also currently working together with honorary experts on guidelines for bionic processes and products in a project funded by the DBU.
By presenting the international Bionic-Award, the Schauenburg Foundation, a member of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Association of German Industry for the Promotion of Science and Humanities), promotes application-oriented research and development work as well as innovative developments by young scientists in the field of bionics.
The award is presented for outstanding work, for example in the form of a biomimetic/bionic product development or a doctoral thesis or post-doctoral lecture qualification that has been completed within the last two years before the submission deadline. Individuals as well as teams can participate. The winner or winners of this award are determined by an international jury consisting of representatives of the VDI and the endower as well as members of the BIOKON and BIOKON international bionics networks.
This is an international call for submissions. Young scientists must submit their papers in English to the VDI Society for Technologies of Life Sciences (TLS) by February 29, 2012. The Bionics Competence Networks BIOKON and BIOKON international are primarily responsible for providing support.
Source: BIOPRO - Biotechnology and Life Sciences in Baden-Württemberg