XXV International Conference on Photochemistry held in Beijing

(Nanowerk News) The XXV International Conference on Photochemistry (ICP2011) was held in Beijing on August 7-12, 2011. It was for the first time that the ICP was held in China.
ICP2011 was jointly organized by Photochemistry Association of Chinese Chemical Society, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and Institute of Chemistry, CAS. It attracted around 400 attendees from 33 countries.
ICP2011 aims to provide a successive opportunity for researchers engaged in photochemistry from all over the world to exchange their newest developments and ideas in the field of photochemistry after the last conference held in Toledo, Spain.
Consisting of 7 plenary speeches, 50 invited speeches, 94 oral presentations and 208 poster presentations, ICP2011 covered such topics as basic photochemical processes, photochromic materials and molecular switches, single molecular spectroscopy, photonics and imaging, quantum dots and nanophotonics, gas phase and theoretical photochemistry, environmental and atmospheric photochemistry.
To inspire young researchers, the conference set three awards honoring students with excellent posters.
As the most influential international conference in the field of photochemistry, ICP was held every two years and mostly in European countries. China's successful bid for ICP2011 embodies its increasing research strength in photochemistry during recent years.
Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences