Europe's central meeting for nanomedicine

(Nanowerk News) "Nanomedicine is certainly the most promising enabling technology to achieve breakthroughs in medical technologies. It will strongly contribute to driving the future of medicine. A first step to initiate the necessary actions will be done in October in Barcelona." says Bertrand Loubaton, Director at GE Healthcare and chairman of the European Technology Platform ETPN.
The forum is dedicated to the members of ETP Nanomedicine and to the entire European Nanomedicine Community. This year it will essentially focus on discussing strategic opportunities for the nanomedicine stakeholders coming from industry, academia, clinics and the public sector. The European Commission (DG Research & Innovation) will also be present to discuss the development of the future European Nanomedicine policy activities and initiatives.
Furthermore, a key target of this forum will be to raise awareness for translational research, clinical needs and necessary conditions to make nanomedicine happen in Europe. This year's event will focus in particular, on the identification of industrial opportunities and needs, on the strategies for adapting regulations, funding schemes and infrastructures, on clinical challenges and on translational strategies of nanomedicine.
Call for Open challenges in Nanomedicine
For the first time a session on "Open Challenges in Nanomedicine – Problems for problem solvers" will be offered to industrial stakeholders to address challenges they are confronted with and for which they would need technology partnerships with academia and research institutes to solve the problems in a business and application oriented way. Each presenter will be given 10 minutes to outline his challenge in nanomedicine.
Industrial stakeholders are requested to submit an outline of their unsolved problems to the ETPN secretariat before 7 October 2011.
Further information, such as the programme, travel details as well as the online registration form are available on the ETP Nanomedicine website at
Source: VDI/VDE-Innovation + Technik