International microscopy elite meets in Kiel: Microscopy Conference 2011

(Nanowerk News) The latest developments of microscopy in materials science and life sciences are at the forefront of the Microscopy Conference 2011 in Kiel, from August 28 to September 2. Over 550 experts will be exchanging information on structure research using electron microscopy and related methods, and sharing opinions on the latest research topics.
The significance of Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU) and Schleswig-Holstein as an internationally accepted location for world-class research is emphasized by numerous symposia, workshops and plenary lectures, as well as an industrial exhibition with over 50 companies.
After the opening by the Chairman of the MC, Professor Wolfgang Jäger, there will be a series of welcome addresses by the host and President of the University, Professor Gerhard Fouquet, Secretary of State Dr. Cordelia Andreßen, the President of the Kiel City Council, Cathy Kietzer, and Professor Reinhard Rachel, the President of the DGE, the German Society for Electron Microscopy.
This will be followed by the opening lecture titled "Is there a need for further instrumental developments?", held by Professor Maximilian Haider from Heidelberg, an entrepreneur and physicist who has been rewarded many international awards. Professor Haider quite recently received the prestigious Wolf Prize in Physics, to mark his dedication in taking the resolution in electron microscopy to its theoretical limits.
Another highlight of the opening ceremony is the presentation of the 2011 Ernst-Ruska Award to Dr. Johan Verbeeck, a physicist from Antwerp (Belgium) and Professor David Mastronarde, a cell biologist from Boulder (Colorado, USA). The DGE presents this award to honour the outstanding research of these two scientists in electron microscopy – a field which goes back to developments by Nobel Prize holder Ernst Ruska.
Source: Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu Kiel