Thailand's NANOTEC partners Flinders University to initiate research collaboration

(Nanowerk News) NANOTEC and Flinders University in Australia signed a research collaboration agreement to focus on target drug delivery, bacterial detection, organic conjugated material and testing services.
"This agreement is the stepping stone to furthering cooperation between Thailand and Australia on a range of research activities related to nanotechnology. Working together, we will be able to further our collective understanding of target drug delivery, bacterial detection, organic conjugated material, and testing services" said Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai, Executive Director, NANOTEC.
"We look forward to beginning a new and exciting chapter with NANOTEC" said Prof. Dean Forbes, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International and Communities), Flinders University. "The exchange of researchers between our two institutes will help to create an environment that is strategic to promoting innovation and new findings. I know it will be an exciting adventure, it already is".
The duration of the agreement is for four years and will cover exchange of research information and researchers, including carrying our joint research activities.