GLOBALFOUNDRIES announces winners of inaugural "Leading in Innovation" awards

(Nanowerk News) At today's second annual Global Technology Conference (GTC 2011), GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced the winners of its new "Leading in Innovation" awards. Presented to customers who have demonstrated innovative solutions on products ranging from 0.35µm non-volatile memories to leading-edge 28nm smartphone processors, the awards showcase the company's collaborative approach to enabling chip designers to deliver a superior end-user experience.
"These awards epitomize the GTC 2011 theme of driving product innovation through true collaboration," said Jim Kupec, senior vice president of sales and marketing at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. "We serve nearly all leading foundry customers in the world, and today it is a privilege to recognize this group of innovators with our 'Leading in Innovation' awards. These awards demonstrate the breadth of our 300mm and 200mm technology offerings, as well as our flexible regionalized service and differentiated design enablement support in collaboration with our ecosystem partners."
The 2011 "Leading in Innovation" award winners are:
Innovative Mobile Solutions
  • Broadcom Corporation, for its mobile connectivity combo chips, currently manufactured on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 65nm low power technology.
  • Inside Secure, for its MicroRead near-field communication (NFC) solution, manufactured on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 0.35µm-EEPROM technology, and planned for production on 0.13µm-EEPROM.
  • Rambus, for its high-speed low-power next-generation memory technologies developed on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 28nm-SLP technology.
  • STMicroelectronics, for its technology development used in ST-Ericsson's leading edge Nova A9600 smartphone application processor, planned for production on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 28nm-SLP technology.
  • Emerging Hot Startup
  • Lightwire, for its LWS1040-LC 10G optical transceiver module, containing a CMOS photonics circuit manufactured on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 130nm-RF technology, and 10G driver and receiver, manufactured on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 65nm process.
  • "We are delighted to be recognized as an innovation leader by GLOBALFOUNDRIES," said Remy De Tonnac, chief executive officer of Inside Secure. "Inside has built a strong working relationship with GLOBALFOUNDRIES for more than 10 years and has introduced several generations of innovative products with them. We work closely together on IP and technology development. Our leading MicroRead NFC product line is poised for volume production in 0.35um at GLOBALFOUNDRIES' Fab 2 in Singapore."
    "The superior performance and analog headroom provided by the GLOBALFOUNDRIES 28nm-SLP process makes it an ideal platform for SoC developers to target a wide variety of applications that require both low power and high performance operating characteristics," said Sharon Holt, senior vice president and general manager of the Semiconductor Business Group at Rambus. "The process itself provides significant advantages over previous process generations. On top of that, the implementation support available from GLOBALFOUNDRIES enables its customers to take full advantage of its capabilities in a highly efficient way. The design kits go way beyond a typical foundry PDK. Rambus is proof that a talented analog/RF design team can engineer some truly unique solutions at GLOBALFOUNDRIES."
    "We know GLOBALFOUNDRIES well, both as a partner in technology development through ISDA, International Semiconductor Development Alliance, and as one of our own trusted foundry partners," said Jean-Marc Chery, Chief Technology Officer of STMicroelectronics. "The 28nm technology portfolio from GLOBALFOUNDRIES is well-suited to manufacture the ST-Ericsson 9600 platform, enabling multi source wafer fabs for ST and ST-Ericsson platforms at the 28nm node. Over several years, ST has built an excellent working relationship with GLOBALFOUNDRIES. ST sources a wide variety of 200mm and 300mm wafer products from GLOBALFOUNDRIES, from 0.5µm EEPROM for the automotive industry to leading edge application processors for wireless and we've found GLOBALFOUNDRIES to be an innovative, reliable and cost-effective partner, effectively complementing our strong internal manufacturing machine, and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship with them."
    "We utilize the 0.13µm and 65nm low power RF technologies at GLOBALFOUNDRIES for our Lightwire LWS1040-LC 10 Gbps Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP+) Extended Reach (ER) transceiver module," said Kal Shastri, founder and chief technology officer of Lightwire. "We utilized the GLOBALFOUNDRIES RF PDKs for these products and found the models to be accurate and well characterized. We have worked with GLOBALFOUNDRIES from the very beginning of our company, as a new start-up, and always received excellent attention and support. The GLOBALFOUNDRIES service has been first rate, the design enablement and field engineering teams gave us tremendous support from the outset of the engagement, and worked with us to build a very effective working relationship. We rely on GLOBALFOUNDRIES as a technology partner and recommend them to others."