Rapid increase in the number of nanotechnology and nanoscience periodicals

(Nanowerk News) Going hand in hand with the rise of research funding and commercial investment into nanotechnology, publishers are not standing by idle – they keep rolling out journals, magazines, newsletter, and book series dedicated wholly or primarily to nanosciences and nanotechnologies.
Over the past few years, the number of these periodicals (not taking into account individual books, of course) has risen to over 230 titles – and counting. For instance, there are numerous planned journals for which ISSNs have been formally requested but that haven't been published yet.
Taking this development into account, Nanowerk has expanded its series of free databases with a new Nanotechnology Periodicals directory, which can be found here on the Nanowerk site: https://www.nanowerk.com/nanotechnology/nanotechnology_periodicals.php
Like all other Nanowerk databases and directories, these listings are freely accessible on the Nanowerk website.
As of today, the Nanowerk Nanotechnology Periodicals directory has 237 entries that include 195 academic journals, 13 newsletters, 25 book series, and 4 popular or trade magazine formats from around the world. Of these, 55 titles are open access.
A valuable addition to other Nanowerk services like the Nanomaterial Database™, the NanoCatalog section, various directories, or a packed events calendar, the Nanotechnology Periodicals directory is yet another example of Nanowerk's continuing effort to provide relevant and high-quality content and services to the nanotechnology community that go far beyond just printing press releases.
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