A new database compiles information about safety and risk research of nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) The Swiss Innovation Society Ltd. has launched a database with relevant information about safety and risk research of nanotechnology. This database will be updated regularly with scientific and policy information.
The Platform “Nano-Regulation” is an project whose activities are supported by industry, government, academia and non-governmental organisations. The project was launched in spring 2005 by “The Innovation Society” in cooperation with NanoEurope and the NanoCluster Bodensee.
The platform “Nano-Regulation” serves as an internationally focussed Dialogue-platform where relevant regulatory issues of nanotechnology are discussed. Having learned the “GM-Food” lessons” in the past the platform is dedicated to a proactive dialogue among all stakeholders in order to find well-balanced and socially accepted regulatory solutions to ensure a sustainable nanotechnology industry.
Source: Swiss Innovation Society