NANOTEC researchers demonstrate nanotechnology air filter technology at Investor Day

(Nanowerk News) Researchers from Thailand's NANOTEC pitched the "i-Guard Air Filter Sheets" technology to potential investors during the NSTDA Investor Day 2011 this morning to drum up interest from potential investors and entrepreneurs. The aim of the annual NSTDA Investor Day is aim at promoting investors' relations and interest in highlight research projects that has potential for commercialization.
The event was officially opened by Dr. Plodprasop Suraswadi, Minister of Science and Technology was the invited speaker to give a special talk on "S&T Development under the new government". "The government is committed to strengthening the economy, preparing Thailand for the ASEAN single economy in 2015, and improve standards of living" said Dr. Plodprasop. "In order to do this, we must have a strong domestic, innovative, and balanced economy based on knowledge community. We must also better the current R&D spending to 2% of GDP if we are to make R&D a national priority".
Dr. Narupol
Dr. Narupol
During the Investor Pitch session, Dr. Narupol Intasanta from NANOTEC NanoHybrid Lab informed that his research team has found a way to produce nano coated air filter sheet that is cost effective since it uses nanoformulation which are small size, high surface area, and high catalytic activity. Dr. Narupol said the technology can be easily adapted for use in industrial setting or in individual homes. "The i-Guard Air Filter Sheets will have multifunctional properties such as water repellent, trap and kill bacteria/fungi, reduces VOC/NOx, and is washable" said Dr. Narupol. "For potential business investor, the business model is quite simple in the sense that existing commercial filters can be treated with nano-coating, filter assembly, and sold to end users".
The research activity on this technology is part of the NANOTEC's health and medical research programme. In addition to i-Guard Air Filter, the lab has also successfully worked on nano bednet which has received global interest. Currently, NANOTEC is discussing business details on i-Guard Air Filter with local manufacturing companies.