Top award recognises Irish researcher's contribution to nanoscience

(Nanowerk News) Professor Michael Coey, Principal Investigator at Ireland's flagship nanoscience institute CRANN, has been awarded the RDS/Intel Prize for Nanoscience. The prize recognises Professor Coey's contribution to the field of nanoscience, a vital sector in Ireland's economic recovery.
Established during Nanoweek 2011 by the RDS in partnership with Intel, the prize requires the winner to deliver a lecture on their chosen nanoscience subject. The presenting of a lecture demonstrates the winner's ability to communicate complex scientific issues to a wide and diverse audience, crucial in increasing public understanding and acceptance of scientific research.
Former deputy Director of CRANN, Professor Coey's accomplishments relate primarily to magnetism and spin electronics. As part of this research, magnets one-millionth the size of a pin-head are being created, which has the potential to transform the production of electronic devices.
Professor Coey and his team are using their knowledge of magnetic materials to enable companies like Intel to develop new types of memory that retain information, after the computer is shut down or the power supply is cut off. For example, where a computer turns off mid-document or presentation, the magnetic materials could allow the information to be saved and immediately appear without delay.
Speaking last night at the RDS, where he delivered his Prize- lecture, "Tales from the Nanoworld" and received an RDS medal for his achievements, Professor Coey said, "I have always been an advocate of science-communication, and have felt that complex issues need to be explained in an everyday, informal manner. Nanoscience in particular has such impact on our everyday lives, that general and widespread understanding of its reach is hugely important.
I am delighted to receive this prize and to be given the opportunity to communicate our research advancements in semiconductor technologies, which impact everyday electronic products from smart phones to the next generation of iPads"
Dr. Diarmuid O'Brien, Executive Director CRANN said, "Professor Coey is an invaluable member of the CRANN research team, consistently committed to science education and outreach, which are fundamental elements of CRANN's overall policy. His proposal to develop the Science Gallery in particular has paid dividends in terms of developing a public face for science and increasing public interest in scientific research.
I must congratulate Professor Coey on winning such a prestigious prize. Industry recognition of achievements in the field of nanoscience is also hugely important in helping to disseminate the message of its economic relevance and impact."
A webcast of Professor Coey's lecture will be available to view on from October 5th, 2011.
Source: RDS