NSF CAREER grant for design and synthesis of Janus particles

(Nanowerk News) The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a prestigious CAREER grant to Chemical Engineering's assistant professor Ubaldo Córdova-Figueroa.
The grant entitled Dynamics Simulations of Reconfigurable Complex Fluids From "Janus" and "Catalytically-Driven" Colloidal Particles provides $403,320.00 in funds for a five year period. This research work focuses on the development of a theoretical framework for the design and synthesis of Janus particles and an insightful and yet simple approach as to how autonomously-moving particles could lead to exciting spatiotemporal behaviors at the colloidal length scale depending on the surrounding conditions which the particles are in. In other words, the work aims to develop and validate a theory to describe motile particles, such as chemically reactive particles or bacteria. This will allow for the design of reconfigurable fluids and provide fundamental information into the dynamics of biological processes.
"This is great news for Dr. Córdova-Figueroa and for the College of Engineering, as it confirms and reinforces our leadership in research in sciences and engineering." expressed the Dean of Engineering, Dr. Jaime Seguel. He also added "this milestone achievement... is a first step in what promises to be a bright academic career." "I hope the good news of receiving this award will motivate all of our faculty to continue their commitment to research and education and to continue applying for external funds, which support the College of Engineering's research agenda, our students, and ultimately our institution" stated Dr. Carlos Rinaldi, Associate Dean of Engineering for Research.
The grant will support the development of the computational facilities of Córdova-Figueroa's group and the Department of Chemical Engineering, as well as support two graduate students for the five year period. The CAREER award will certainly allow Prof. Córdova-Figueroa to achieve all his research and educational goals and establish a competitive research group at an institution that is undergoing a major transformation.
Prof. Córdova-Figueroa is seeking students to work with him in this project and this announcement could provide him exposition
Source: University of Puerto Rico