Responsible development of nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) A new thesis by Ineke Malschat the Radboud University Nijmegen examines how ethically sound governance of nanotechnology may be possible in the current global world order ("Ethics and nanotechnology; Responsible development of nanotechnology at global level in the 21st century").
This central research question is inspired by the main issue on the agenda of national and international policy makers in the last decade. How to avoid making the same mistake with nanotechnology as with genetically modified food in Europe?
In order to solve the issue of nanotechnology governance, a wide range of debates and projects have been started. The author has been engaged in these discussions and investigations as a consultant for 15 years. The thesis contains an attempt to present the debate in all its wide-ranging facets in different parts of the world. The emphasis is on differences and points in common between countries and at an international level. A selection of cases is investigated from a philosophical ethical perspective. Finally, the author returns to the governance issue and proposes a contribution to the ongoing debate.