Posted: August 7, 2007

Nanotechnology Australia capability report

(Nanowerk News) Australia is making a name for itself in materials, nano-biotechnology, electronics and photonics, energy and environment and quantum technology. As part of its May 2007 Industry Statement, the Australian Government announced new funding for a National Nanotechnology Strategy and a Niche Manufacturing Flagship, which will focus on the development of nanotechnology applications.
Global companies in every major industry have benefited from Australian nanoscience, from aeronautics (The Boeing Company, Airbus Deutschland GmbH) and information technology (Intel, Sony) to health (Merck, Pasteur Institute of France) and resources (Rio Tinto). In addition to companies, foreign government agencies and international research institutes are investing in Australian nanotechnologies, with significant results in the manufacturing, raw materials and environmental sectors.
Nanotechnology Australia Capability Report
Invest Australia, the Australian Government's inward investment agency, has produced a summary of Australian nanotechnology capability from both companies and research organisations. Titled "Nanotechnology Australia Capability Report", the 96-page report is a snapshot of the current state of nanoscience and nanotechnology in Australia.
Source: Invest Australia