Posted: August 7, 2007

Conference announcement: Nanotechnologies and smart textiles for industry and fashion

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology is leading to a spectrum of advances in textiles, for example monitoring and relaying vital signs and fitness levels in sports and health applications, and embedded Light Emitting Displays (LEDs) in glamour garments enabling them to glow in different colours. Other materials stiffen-up on impact, cushioning the elderly against falls, while some garments offer wound healing capabilities. Advanced textiles are being trialled as structural components in aeroplane wings and new garment production methodologies are being developed, using laser measurement, rapid prototyping and inkjet printing techniques, which allow unique and stylish clothes to be produced 'on demand'.
The aim of the "3rd International conference on Nanotechnology and Smart Textiles for Industry and Fashion" is to provide an international platform where a diverse community of professionals from industry, academia and fashion can come together to share information, research findings and practical experiences. The conference will provide introductory and in-depth information on technology in a large spectrum of already realised or just being developed textile applications, and showcase current products.
Source: Institute of Nanotechnology