Hair growth research with nanoemulsions receives award in Korea

(Nanowerk News) "As a woman scientist, the "2011 Asia Women Eco-science Forum" provides me with an opportunity to present my research work on "Herbal Extracts and Formulation Development of Nanoemulsions for Hair Growth" to distinguish international judging committee and audience" said Dr. Apirada Sucontphunt, a researcher at the National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) whose research paper was selected as one of 4 to receive the 2011 AWESF-AMORE PACIFIC AWARD in Seoul, Korea on 9 November.
Dr. Apiradee went on to inform that the highlight of her research paper is to demonstrate the ability to use nanotechnology to add value to waste product such rice bran by improving the efficacy and penetration of the active ingredient to produce rice bran oil for use as nanoemulsions to promote hair growth. The research paper coincides with the theme of the Forum of Eco-friendly in that it shows value added environmental friendly waste product, increase therapeutic effect, and reduction of active ingredient in hair improvement product.
The "2011 Asia Women Eco-science Forum" is co-hosted by the Korea Federation of Women's Science and Technology Associations (KOFWST) and AMOREPACIFIC Corporation with the aim to provide opportunities for researchers to share knowledge and experience in Eco-science and technology. In addition, the Forum also serves as the platform to establish international network among the leading Asian women scientists and researchers to share the Asian eco-values.
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