Magic goop scoop (w/video)

(Nanowerk News) Here is this week's entry for our "Slow News Friday" section – the amazing video of the magic goop scoop that'll blow your mind:
This device is called the"SWITL", manufactured by Furukawakikou Corporation in Japan.
Details about the technology are not available on Furukawakikou's English website (perhaps because the patent is pending), but the tool appears to incorporate a conveyor belt design. speculates that the device works with a frictionless material — maybe Teflon or silicone — so that the food doesn't get stuck and that the surfaces of the table and the scooper are hydrophobic. Although in the case of ketchup and mayonnaise they probably would have to be oleophobic. There also is a good chance that the surface is nanostructured to achieve such a degree of oleophobicity.
In any case, you'll probably watch this video more than once...
Source: Furukawakikou