A wee bit of nanotechnology comes to Glasgow

(Nanowerk News) Smithycroft Secondary School in Glasgow, UK, is excited to announce that they will be hosting a Nanotechnology evening which will involve scientists and industry experts debating about the advantages and disadvantages of nanotechnology. There will also be an opportunity to try some of the nanotechnology activities experienced by S1 Smithycroft School pupils.
The event is being held on Wednesday 14th March from 6.30 until 8.30pm. The format of the evening will be as follows:
  • Welcome – teas and coffees will be served
  • Nanotechnology Workshop – involving a demonstration of a number of Nanotechnology applications with the opportunity try out the applications. These will include self cleaning fabric, hydrophobic sand and nano-bookmarks
  • A short talk on the current applications on Nanotechnology in our everyday lives
  • The Nanotechnology debate will be on 'the use of Nanotechonology to detect the freshness of packaged food'. The debate will be used to look at the ethical, social and legal issues involving nanotechnologies.
  • The pupils of Smithycroft Secondary would like to invite all family and friends of Smithycroft pupils to attend the event.
    The event is one of a series of public engagement activities taking place across Europe as part of the EC funded Nanochannels project.
    The project itself is a collaboration between schools all over Europe in partnership with The Institute of Nanotechnology (UK), The Guardian, EuropeanSchoolnet, and El Mundo, alongside other educational networks, socio-scientific research institutes and media channels throughout the EU. The Nanochannels' goal is to design and undertake a programme of communication on nanotechnology through a variety of media channels and outreach events. The result will be a set of policy recommendations to the European Commission concerning governance and best practice for communication of nanotechnology issues.
    The event at Smithycroft Secondary School is also supported by funding from the National Science and Engineering Week Grant Scheme for Scotland.
    Source: Institute of Nanotechnology
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