EMBO Molecular Medicine goes 'open access'

(Nanowerk News) European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) and Wiley-Blackwell today announced that EMBO Molecular Medicine is a fully Open Access journal with immediate effect. EMBO Molecular Medicine is one of the highest cited journals in the biomedical sciences to have converted from a subscription-based model to Open Access. The Open Access availability of the entire content of EMBO Molecular Medicine will ensure worldwide visibility of research of broad interest to the molecular medicine community, strengthening the position of the journal as a highly influential publication in the field.
All articles published in the journal will be freely available to researchers, clinicians, the public and other users to view, download and share. EMBO Molecular Medicine publishes original research of the highest quality that has direct clinical relevance. EMBO Molecular Medicine also publishes authoritative reviews and commentary designed to bring basic research to the attention of clinicians and to present clinical problems to basic researchers. Its first Impact Factor of 8.8 reflects its position as one of the leading biomedical journals.
"Open Access brings further distinctive benefits to our community of clinical and research scientists who want to publish the very latest advances in molecular medicine," commented Stefanie Dimmeler, Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Regeneration at the Center for Molecular Medicine, Goethe University, Frankfurt, and Chief Editor of the journal. "Open Access publishing of all papers in EMBO Molecular Medicine will increase further the visibility, reach and impact of our peer-reviewed research for the molecular medicine community."
A rigorous and transparent peer-review process guarantees the quality of the research published in EMBO Molecular Medicine. The journal is staffed by professional editors Anneke Funk and CĂ©line Carret and supported by an eminent panel of Senior Editors including Dario Alessi, Giulio Cossu, Uta Francke, Fred Gage, Matthias Hentze, Edison T. Liu, Philippe Sansonetti and Bart de Strooper, as well as an international Advisory Editorial Board.
Bernd Pulverer, Head of Scientific Publications at EMBO, commented "EMBO Molecular Medicine is one of the highest profile journals in the life sciences to have converted from a subscription-based model to an Open Access model and we have been able to implement an author charges policy that should allow any biomedical researcher to publish their research here." He added "The innovative transparent peer review process we have pioneered at EMBO ensures that every paper undergoes a fair, fast and rigorous evaluation process."
"Peer-reviewed publications are an essential part of the core mission of EMBO and help foster the highest quality of research in Europe and globally. EMBO is excited to announce its second fully open access journal, which follows the launch in 2005 of Molecular Systems Biology," remarked Maria Leptin, Director of EMBO. "We continue to introduce innovative publishing features for our four journals that enhance the quality and utility of EMBO publications. Our goal is to do this in a way that is economically sound and sustainable to both authors and publishers."
EMBO Molecular Medicine will publish all future articles under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial License (CC BY-NC 3.0), which permits use, distribution, reproduction and adaptation in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited and is not used for commercial purposes. Neither EMBO nor Wiley-Blackwell retain copyright. A publication fee will be payable by authors or their funder on acceptance of their primary research articles to defer editorial and production costs. As part of the Open Access conversion, the journal moved to an online-only format.
Source: European Molecular Biology Organization