Free webinar: Improve the quality of your virus research

(Nanowerk News) Join our webinar and learn how to improve the quality of your research, saving time and reducing costs in comparison to conventional techniques! Rapid determination of physical titre (concentration), particle size distribution, degree of aggregation and purity of viral particles can occur at all stages of the production process.
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Webinar Overview
– Accurate Determination of Total Viral Titre - The total number of viral particles can be rapidly assessed, in under 10 minutes of analysis time, providing significant time and cost savings for researchers. Alternative techniques, such as plaque or other infectivity assays are labour intensive and require weeks to yield results.
– Aggregation Analysis for Assessment of Viral Stability - Viral particle size is measured on a particle-by-particle basis, providing accurate size distribution output for the entire sample population. This is useful for assessment of viral aggregation and stability during vaccine production. The total number of viral aggregates can be rapidly and reliably determined.
– Nanopore-based Measurement Complements Established Analysis Methods such as qPCR/qRT-PCR, providing a complete picture of viral particle integrity, production efficiency and infectivity without the high costs associated with electron microscopy or other time consuming methods commonly used to assay physical titer, such as p24 Elisa.
– This is Useful for Product Optimization, and can identify early on in the production process whether a particular preparation will be of sufficiently high quality and titer, and therefore worth proceeding with downstream purification steps or not. This Translates into Immediate Cost Savings, and far less variation in the quality of final products.
Key Applications
– Vaccine Research and Development - Viral Vaccine Quantitation & Stability Assessment
– Gene Therapy Research - Production and Control of Viral and Non-viral Vectors
– Microbiology & Virology Research (e.g. Virus-Cell Interactions)
Webinars by Time-Zone
United Kingdom / Europe: Monday 23rd April, 2012, 2.00pm, GMT +1 (UK), 15H00 (France, Germany, Spain, Italy)
Asia-Pacific: Tuesday 24 April, 2012, 10.30am, GMT +8 (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China)
North America: Wednesday 25 April, 2012, 2.00pm, GMT -5 (Boston)
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