Introduction to nanomaterials and devices

(Nanowerk News) Omar Manasreh, professor of electrical engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas, has created a comprehensive guide to nanotechnology in his new textbook, Introduction to Nanomaterials and Devices. The book covers the development of semiconductor nanomaterials, semiconductor thin films and bulk semiconductors, and provides an introduction to quantum mechanics theory and how that theory applies to optical and electrical properties of nanomaterial structures.
Manasreh's book describes new phenomena through the concepts of conventional physics. It introduces fundamental nanomaterial concepts and devices that have been developed from these concepts. The fundamental properties of semiconductors and nanomaterial systems, including quantum dots and wires and quantum structures, such as single and multiple quantum wells, are also covered.
Published by John Wiley and Sons, the new book is a valuable textbook for upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students, as well as a reference tool for practitioners and researchers exploring nanomaterials.
Manasreh has presented more than 60 papers at national and international conferences and has published more than 190 papers in technical journals. He also authored two textbooks and edited dozens of books and symposia. His research has focused on experimental and theoretical optoelectronic properties of semiconductors, superlattices, nanostructures and related devices. He has worked extensively with electronic and optoelectronic applications, photovoltaic materials and devices, and growth of nanomaterials. Recent work has focused on optoelectronic devices such as multicolor detectors and infrared detectors for focal plane arrays.
Since joining the University of Arkansas in 2003, Manasreh has received more than $8 million in public research funding. This funding has been used to establish a state-of-the-art research lab with instrumentation ranging from nanomaterial characterization and device fabrication to device testing and evaluation.
Manasreh is a member of the Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering at the University of Arkansas.
Source: University of Arkansas
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