Kuwait to build KD13.5 million nanotechnology center

(Nanowerk News) The main purpose of the academic exchange agreement between Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and Japan's Advanced Institute for Materials Research at the Tohoku University is to coordinate research activities, KISR Director General Dr. Naji Al-Mutairi said Thursday in Tokyo.
In statements to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) after signing the agreement earlier Thursday, Dr. Al-Mutairi said that such coordination would include projects executed by KISR, in addition to joint projects with the Japanese Institute, most significant of which are the ones on renewable energy and exchanging expertise.
"This cooperation will support KISR's endeavor to establish a 13.5 million Kuwait Dinars nanotechnology center that is to be funded by the Kuwaiti Government," he noted.
Al-Mutairi also pointed out to KISR's cooperation with the Japan Petroleum Institute, which notably contributed to enhancing KISR's capabilities in many oil-related domains in Kuwait, like oil-refining industry, addressing the problems of corrosion and stimulus operations, as well as biological treatment of the soil. Up until 2011, some 31 joint research projects were executed in many oil and environmental fields between Kuwait and Japan, the official noted.
KISR was established in 1967 by the Arabian Oil Company Limited (Japan) in fulfillment of its obligations under the oil concession agreement with the Kuwaiti Government. The Institute was established to carry out applied scientific research in three fields: petroleum, desert agriculture and marine biology.
Source: KUNA
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