DESY and CAN agree nanotechnology cooperation

(Nanowerk News) The German research centre DESY became a member of the nanotechnology sponsors´ association which is the holder of the Center for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN). CAN is a Hamburg based nanotechnology enterprise providing nanotechnology products applicable for example in medicine and food industry, and tailor-made nanotechnology research.
"Nanotechnology will have a considerable impact on future developments, from fuel cells through to solar panels," said Professor Helmut Dosch, chairman of the DESY Board of Directors. "With the help of a broad range of analysis methods at DESYs research facilities - including tomography and small angle scattering experiments - we are able to ideally meet the nanotechnology research issues and make an important contribution to promote this future-oriented technology."
"Preliminary discussions which were held last year between DESY, the University of Hamburg and CAN GmbH made evident that this cooperation offers numerous opportunities and synergies to develop solutions in the field of nanotechnology," beamed Professor Klaus-Peter Wittern, chairman of the CAN GmbH supervisory board.
In March, DESY was admitted as a participating member of the CAN sponsors association. DESY and CAN GmbH will deal with issues in the field of life sciences, energy research and materials science. Both, the CAN analytics and standards and the highly developed investigation methods at DESY will give a new boost to Hamburg based nanotechnology. In a next step, expert teams will clearly define the common research fields.
Source: DESY
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