Posted: September 11, 2007

Scientific meeting of European scientists in nanobiotechnology

(Nanowerk News) About 120 researchers from the network coming from 12 EU Member States or Associated Countries are expected to attend the Nano2Life Autumn scientific meeting held this year in Lund/Sweden between October 22-24. The meeting will take place in the historical building of the Akademiska Föreningens Borg ( in Lund.
Lund University and the Danish Technical University/MIC, active members of the Nano2Life network, jointly host the meeting. Plenary lectures given by some top class Scandinavian scientists and business representatives on challenging topics from material sciences, medicine and high tech industries, poster presentations and news from the network will be on the agenda of the meeting, which will also create a supporting platform for the N2L community to interact, and to initiate/continue joint collaborations.
The scientific “bazaar” and “speed dating” are interactive tools to stimulate collaboration and discussions with special emphasis on young scientists. These unique tools have been fruitful in view of the numerous collaboration and joint projects initiated this way in the past three years. Parallel sessions will focus on the Strategic Research Programs, which target to establish and build a platform of multidisciplinary research in nanobiotechnology, involving basic- and applied research and industry. The major Strategic Research Programmes are technology- and application driven and focus on:
• Bioanalytics instrumentation
• In vitro cell and tissue analysis
• Nano assemblies
• Surface functionalisation
• Protein, DNA and cell chips
• Nano and micro electrodes
• Drug delivery and theranostics
• Cancer related nanodiagnostics
• Converging technologies
• Cell biology
• In vitro toxicology
Tutorials selected on challenging topics of nanobiotechnological relevance will increase the knowledge of the multi-disciplinary nano2Life family in various scientific areas. Plenary lectures and tutorials will be recorded and webcasted, allowing a virtual participation from distance for those unable to attend. The meeting will be followed by a practical training organised for young scientists on knowledge about the Commission’s ongoing framework programme and how to manage/organise/write scientific proposals.
Founded in 2004, Nano2Life, the first European Commission-supported network of excellence in nanobiotechnology, comprises 23 major European organizations and associated industrial companies from the field of nanobiotechnology.
Source: NanoBioNet
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