Posted: September 12, 2007

CMU to host nanotechnology workshop that will shape national policy

(Nanowerk News) Central Michigan University and Dr. Donald A. Tomalia will be hosting a NSF Workshop at the National Dendrimer Center in the Center for Applied Research and Technology's Research Facility in Mount Pleasant, Michigan September 24th and 25th.
Nationally renowned experts will examine and discuss critical nanotechnology issues. Information gathered at the workshop will be used in shaping national legislative policy on nanotechnology issues.
The workshop which will examine documented examples of nano-periodicity patterns existing within known nano-building block categories (i.e., dendrimers, quantum dots, nanotubes, fullerenes, viruses, proteins, DNA/RNA and other well defined colloidal materials), as well as nano-patterns that exist between these building blocks categories.
The focus of the workshop will include critical nano issues such as; size scaling, architecture, self assembly processes, chemical reactivities, chemical bond formation, stoichiometries, shape relationships, physical/chemical properties and nano characterization methodologies.
Focused discussions will elaborate and capture critical information on the following issues:
1. Known and anticipated nano-periodic relationships within each nano-module category.
2. Known and anticipated nano-periodic relationships between nano-module categories.
3. Analytical methodologies for nano-characterization and proof of nano-constructs.
4. Evolution of a common nano-material nomenclature.
Special Guests include:
Dr. Mihail C. Roco, Senior Advisor, National Science Foundation
Dr. Piotr Grodzinski, National Institute of Health
Dr. Scott McNeil, Director, Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory
Seating is limited, call 989-774-3871 to RSVP by September 20th.
Source: Central Michigan University