Posted: September 14, 2007

Italian PhD scholarships in nanotechnologies and nanostructured innovative materials

(Nanowerk News) Scuola Interpolitecnica di Dottorato (SIPD) is a special project whereby the three Italian Technical Universities, the Polytechnic of Torino (coordinator of the project), the Polytechnic of Bari and the Polytechnic of Milano, aim to offering a joint PhD program of high qualification in the areas that the three Polytechnics consider strategic:
* Information and Communication Technologies
* Biomedical and Biomechanical Engineering
* Environmental and Territorial Safety and Control
* Innovation Management and Product Development
* Nanotechnologies and nanostructured innovative materials
The network structure underlying the project allows the three schools to promote common actions which range from organizing joint high level courses and seminars for the students; networking facilities and laboratories; sharing of best practices in running the PhD student activities, to performing together the selection of the most talented candidates, and putting in common international relations and cooperation programs and the participation in high level research projects.
The school has now issued a Call for the admission to the III cycle (2008). Deadline is September 28, 2007. Application details and forms can be found here.
All the awarded positions are granted by specific scholarships; at least half of the scholarships are reserved to graduates from other universities, whether Italian or foreign.
Source: SIPD