Posted: October 2, 2007

Two high-tech labs to open at Chengkung University

(Nanowerk News) The National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL) will open branches on nanotechnology and chip design at National Chengkung University (NCU) in southern Taiwan later this week, a university spokesman said yesterday.
A name plate unveiling ceremony for the National Nano Device Laboratories and the National Chip Implementation Center will be held Oct. 3 to mark the beginning of the cooperation between the two sides, the spokesman.
According to the spokesman, the NARL, which is under the supervision of the National Science Council, signed an agreement earlier this year with the university to further their cooperation in nanotechnology, advanced solar cell and chip design research.
The inauguration of the two laboratories in the university, located in Tainan City, is aimed at establishing a high-tech research and development base in southern Taiwan to balance the country's high-tech development in northern and southern regions, the spokesman said.
Source: China Post