Posted: October 8, 2007

Iran improves nanotechnology research ranking

(Nanowerk News) According to the Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative (INI), the number of published articles by Iranian nanotechnology researchers has increased from the second to the third quarter of 2007.
According to statistics released by a monitoring and analysis work group of INI, based on the ISI database, Iran has published 305 nanotechnology articles so far in 2007, a share of 0.82%, which ranks it in 26th place after Mexico, Greece and Austria.
The total number of Iranian nanotechnology articles in 2006 was 277 articles in various international journals.
In comparison, the four leading countries – USA (23.6%), China (19.7%), Japan (10.4%) and Germany (8.8%) – have a combined share of almost two thirds of all publsihed nanotechnology articles.
Source: INI
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