Posted: October 9, 2007

Opportunity to publish your nanotoxicology research

(Nanowerk News) Are you looking to publish research in Toxicology, Risk Assessment, Eco-toxicology, Materials Science and Nano-medicine?
Nanotoxicology is a new Journal, currently inviting submissions. It is devoted entirely to the publication of research that addresses the potentially toxicological interactions between nano-structured materials and living matter.
Nanotoxicology now offers online submission.
The Journal has a bespoke Manuscript Central site ( to facilitate article submission and expedite peer-review. Contributing your article is not only easier, but faster. Plus, with iFirst, articles are published online as soon as author proofs are returned, making your work available to the research community in the shortest possible time.  
Specific areas in which the journal wishes to encourage submission of papers include:
  • The mechanism of toxicity associated with particle size, shape and composition
  • The toxicokinetics of nanoparticles in the body
  • The use of nanomaterials in medicine and diagnostics
  • The fate and behaviour of nanoparticles in the environment in relation to determining exposure to humans and other organisms
  • The ecotoxicity of nanomaterials
  • The determination of accidental and intended human end environmental exposure to nanomaterials
  • Risk assessment
  • Strategies to minimise nano-toxicity through application of hazard information
  • For further information and details on submitting papers please visit the Instructions for Authors page on the website.
    Source: Nanotoxicology