Posted: October 12, 2007

NanoRegulation conference report released

(Nanowerk News) The annual NanoRegulation Conference within the frame of the NanoEurope is over and was a great success. Presentations about nanotechnology in consumer products from different points of view (industry, insurances, NGOs, regulators) as well as the workshops to discuss the appropriateness of different voluntary measures contributed to an interesting and diverse atmosphere.
The new report to the NanoRegulation Conference containing short summarizes of the presentations, selected slides and the results from the workshop discussions can now be downloaded for free.
This report summarises the contents and results of the 3rd International NanoRegulation Conference which took place from September 12-13, 2007 in St. Gallen (Switzerland). The conference was organized by the Innovation Society in cooperation with NanoEurope Fair & Conference. This year's focus was on consumer products containing nanotechnologies, possible risks and regulatory approaches.
The conference highlighted the following topics:
  • Technical, health, environment and safety aspects of products containing nanotechnologies
  • Regulatory approaches to nanotechnology
  • Stakeholder perspectives on nanotechnology
  • Adequacy of different voluntary measures (Code of Conduct, CENARIOS® Risk Management System, Nano Risk Framework)
  • The annual “Nano-Regulation” conference in St.Gallen is part of the multi-stakeholder platform “Nano-Regulation” which has been launched in 2005 by the Innovation Society and is supported by several government-, industry-, retail- and research organisations. The platform serves as an international interface providing information and communication services to their members and facilitating cooperation among stakeholders on the international level.
    Next year, the NanoRegulation Conference will take place from September 16-18, 2008.
    Source: Innovation Society