Posted: October 18, 2007

Czech cluster develops dressing that enhances wound healing

(Nanowerk News) A patent for a new biologically active wound-dressing with healing effects is the first joint success of the Czech firms and experts cooperating within the scientific and research cluster Nanomedic, the cluster's manager Zuzana Pekarkova has told CTK.
The cluster has worked on seven projects since its establishment a year ago. Most recently it achieved the first successes when it applied for patents on a special method of the production of nanofibers for tissue engineering, and for a new type of biologically active dressings.
The cluster also works on targeted direction of medicines in a patient's organism, on methods of skin, bone and cartilage replacement, and on possible transfer of genetic information.
The cluster was founded on October 15, 2006 by 15 private companies and six scientific institutes and universities that want jointly to research, develop and produce medicines and medical material using nanotechnologies, and also machines enabling their their production. They want to succeed with their products on the world market.
The cluster has been financially supported by the European fund for regional development and the Czech Industry and Trade Ministry. Their total subsidies are to reach 20 million crowns, which is about a half of the project's costs, said Pekarkova.
Source: Czech News Agency (CTK)
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