Posted: November 3, 2007

Nanobattery Fiat driven 300km in one day

(Nanowerk News) A Micro-Vett Fiat Doblò, a regular size 5-seat station wagon, powered by a custom 18kWh Altairnano lithium-ion NanoSafe battery pack, traveled 300 kilometers (186 miles) in one day in an urban delivery circuit. The custom battery pack was fully recharged in less than ten minutes a total of three times using AeroViroments’ high voltage, 125kW rated, rapid charging system.
Nanobattery Fiat Doblo
The lithium-ion Fiat Doblò (Image: Newteon)
The demonstration came halfway through an ongoing 60-day demonstration of the 5-seat electric vehicle by AeroVironment; Altair Nanotechnologies; Micro-Vett, and Go Green Holding AS to government officials and potential commercial customers in Oslo, Norway.
The standard Micro-Vett Fiat Doblò uses a 43 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, providing a range of 150 km (93 miles) in the urban duty cycle on a single charge; recharging takes 5-8 hours. The vehicle uses a 30 kW (60 kW peak) motor from Ansaldo Electric Drives.
Micro-Vett has been manufacturing electric vehicles since 1987 and so we constantly follow energy accumulation systems evolution, from batteries to fuel cells. Until now we’ve seen some developments, but Altairnano’s fast charge batteries have the potential to revolutionize electric vehicles and also the automotive industry. It was very exciting to see Doblò’s charge level indicator going up visibly in Oslo. With Altairnano’s fast charge batteries, we can overcome the primary electric vehicle limitation because we can achieve refuelling times comparable to those of gasoline-powered vehicles. - Massimiliano Di Gioia, Micro-Vett Vice President
The lithium-ion Doblò will be driven an estimated total of 7,500 kilometers (4,660 miles) during the 60-day demonstration period, which translates to an annual equivalent use of 45,000 kilometers (28,000 miles).
Source: Newteon