Posted: November 7, 2007

NanoforumEULA releases report of fact finding mission of nanotechnology in Mexico

(Nanowerk News) The EU funded NanoforumEULA project just released the report of a fact finding mission visiting Mexico’s nanotechnology community including research organizations, companies and government bodies, held end of August this year. Mexico has excellent research groups active in nanotechnology, and no lack of state of the art infrastructure and equipment. However, the country’s high nanotechnology potential is mostly untapped, due to a lack of networking and collaborations with other research groups in Mexico, with industry and internationally.
Europe as well as Mexico and other Latin American countries can benefit from new collaborative research projects funded under the EU Seventh Framework programme for RTD (FP7) and other sources. In FP7, researchers from Mexico as well as other International Cooperation Partner countries to the EU can participate as partners and be funded by the European Commission on the same conditions as European researchers. However, it is difficult for non-Europeans to join such consortia, because researchers from both continents don’t know each other. To help overcome this, a list of Mexican nanoresearchers’ profiles is included in the report. The report can be downloaded from the website
The Mexican organizers of the fact finding mission, professors Mauricio and Humberto Terrones of IPICyT in San Luis Potosi also prepared a comprehensive diagnostic of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for nanotechnology in Northern, Central and Southern Mexic and Mexico-City. The report focuses especially on selecting priority areas for new EU-Latin American nanotechnology research collaborations. These may address nanotechnology for low-cost housing; renewable energy sources; mobility of students and researchers; water treatment; adding value to metal nanoparticles; risk assessment and socio-economic impacts of nanotechnology; molecular tectonics and biomimetic nanostructured materials; toxicology; and metrology and standards. This diagnostics report is also available for download from the website
This Specific Support Action Nanoforum EU Latin America is funded by the European Union under the Sixth EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development; Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences, Knowledge Based Multifunctional Materials and New Production Processes and Devices (FP6, NMP). See The project aims to foster lasting research relations between European research organisations and research organisations in Latin America specialising in nanotechnology. We subsidise exchange visits for some twenty Latin American researchers to four European research organisations specialising in nanotechnology. We organise two workshops and subsequent fact finding missions in Mexico and Brazil enabling European researchers and industrialists to identify opportunities for establishing working relations.
Check our website for updates: or contact Ineke Malsch: [email protected]
Source: NanoforumEULA
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