Posted: November 22, 2007

Tokeshi wins the Lab on a Chip/Corning Inc Pioneers of Miniaturization Prize 2007

(Nanowerk News) Manabu Tokeshi has been named as the 2007 winner of the Pioneers in Miniaturization prize. The prize, first awarded in 2006, was established by two of the major players in the miniaturization sector, Lab on a Chip and Corning Incorporated. The prize aims to promote miniaturization through micro and nanotechnologies to the wider scientific community and encourage both young and new scientists into the field. The presentation of this prestigious award was made at the µTAS 2007 conference held in Paris, France, in October.
Tokeshi, an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry at the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan has a high reputation in the international research communities of miniaturized systems and related application fields.
‘Tokeshi has been the powerhouse behind many interdisciplinary publications as his record shows.’ - Yoshinobu Baba of the Plasma Nanotechnology Research Center Nagoya University, Japan,
Recent projects include continuous-flow chemical processing on a microchip by combining microunit operations and a multiphase flow network, thermal lens micro optical devices, and determination of carcinoembryonic antigen in human sera by integrated bead-bed immunoassay in a microchip for cancer diagnosis .
‘Tokeshi’s multi-disciplinary research exemplifies the essential outreach that is necessary – particularly to the molecular biology or medical areas – in order to find “the next big thing” that will succeed, for example, Cornings µPlate technology.’ - Joydeep Lahiri, research director at Corning Inc.,
Source: Royal Society of Chemistry
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