Posted: December 5, 2007

Nuclear battery by 2012, robot wars in 2015 - MemeBox future scanner places the future at your fingertips

(Nanowerk News) Cell phones with mini-projectors will hit the market in 2008. Russia is switching all school computers to Linux by 2009. GM plans to produce an electric car in 2010. A nuclear battery could be ready by 2012. Robot warriors will replace human soldiers on the battlefield in 2015. As technology transforms the world around us at an exponential pace, the need to simulate the future becomes more critical than ever. That's where the Future Scanner comes in... proudly announces the Public Beta release of its first application, the Future Scanner (, a community-powered app that organizes info about the future by year and category. Dedicated to the cutting-edge stories shaping our tomorrow, the MemeBox Future Scanner is an essential part of every forward-thinking person's toolkit.
"Everywhere you look these days, people are talking about the future," points out MemeBox CEO, Jeff Hilford, "There is a growing body of fascinating and flat-out cool future-related content scattered across the internet. The Future Scanner aggregates this thought-provoking material and presents it in a visually appealing, easily searchable manner."
Whether you're out surfing for leading-edge content, or seriously researching trends, the Future Scanner is a great place to start. Where else can you easily find links like "Brain-Computer Interface for Second Life", "Robotic Pied Piper Leads Roaches" and "Nanoscale Inkjet Printing"?
"Already, the Future Scanner is a tool that I look forward to using every day," says Alvis Brigis, MemeBox President, "In addition to offering cool, stimulating links that are fun to read, it keeps me aware of what's going on, providing me with a broader sense of context across a variety of fields. I'm confident that we're well on our way to building a novel and comprehensive resource that people will enjoy and find very useful."
MemeBox plans to quickly add new features to the Future Scanner and then to complement it with other powerful applications.
Jeff Hilford, CEO, says, "From a broader perspective, our goal here at MemeBox is to create a rich, interactive playground that allows people to explore the future and see how accelerating technological change will increasingly affect their everyday lives."
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