Posted: December 17, 2007

Nanotechnology Centre to be set up in TNAU

(Nanowerk News) The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) has proposed to establish a Nanotechnology Centre at a cost of Rs 10 crore.
Nanotechnology would help develop technologies that would reduce emissions and reduce the use of raw materials promising faster and cost-effective solutions for pollution treatment, TNAU Vice-Chancellor, Dr C Ramaswamy, has said.
Highlighting the strategies to reduce heavy metal contamination in soil, on the concluding day of 10-day training on 'Heavy Metal Contamination in soil and their remediation by physico chemical and biological methods,' yesterday, he said. Nanotechnology was expected to play a key role in remediation of polluted soils.
Heavy metal remediation was expensive and therefore cost-effective technologies needed to be developed, he said. Pointing out that India accounted for the highest number of premature deaths due to air pollution of the total of three million worldwide, Ramaswamy said while India's GDP has increased by 2.5 times over the last two decades, vehicular pollution has increased eight times and industrial pollution has quadrupled.
Twenty one agricultural scientists from different parts of the country participated in the training.
Source: The Hindu
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