Posted: December 20, 2007

UNC systems awards nearly $4m in R&D grants

(Nanowerk News) The University of North Carolina systems is handing out nearly $4 million in research and development grants to faculty across the UNC system for projects that could lead to new jobs.
The funding includes $3 million provided by the North Carolina General Assembly. The projects selected also have secured more than $4.4 million in private and federal funding.
The complete list of grants as provided by UNC:
Appalachian State University: Improving Snowfall Forecasts in Western NC, $84.740; Optimization of NC Biodiesel Production through Data Regulated Processing of Variable Alternative Feedstocks, $275,000.
East Carolina University: NC Coastal Hazards: Economic Implications of Severe Storms and Sea Level Rise, $288,694.
NC A&T State University: Economic and Environmental Impacts of the Production of Crop Residues as Bioenergy Feedstocks, $132,739.
NC Central University: Development of High-Selectivity High-Sensitivity Biochemical Sensor at the Center for Nanotechnology Devices at NCCU, $207,450.
N.C. State University: Development and Application of Novel, Non-Toxic, Anti-Biofilm Agents, $300,000; Nano-Textile Technology, $207,668; Enhancing Competitiveness of NC Biodiesel Producers through Value-Added Enxymatic Process of Waste Glycerol and Low-Value Oils, $275,000.
UNC-Chapel Hill: Promoting NC Economic Development through Strategic Water Resource Management, $245,650; Establishing a Pipeline Program to Encourage Undergraduate Students at NC A&T and NCCU to Pursue Careers in Clinical Translations Research, $210,000; Instability: A Family of Medical Devices for the Continuous Evaluation of Mortality Risk in Critically Ill and Hospitalized Pediatric Patients, $188,912.
UNC Charlotte: Transgenic Soybeans Expressing a Vaccine for Swine, $100,384; Metamaterial-based Microwave and Optical Devices: A NC Foundry for Research, Design and Fabrication of Next Generation Electromagnetic Structures, $185,400.
UNC Greensboro: Production of Echinacea with Optimal Bioactivity: Improving Market Value of a NC Crop, $363,846; Rapid Assessment of Food Allergens and Allergy Biomarkers, $200,000; Integration of Novel Technologies for Safeguarding Potable Water Supplies, $292,010.
UNC Wilmington: Microbial Anti-Oxidants from Swine Waste, $116,507; Initiation of an Inter-institutional Environmental Observation Network System for NC (NC-EONS), $200,000.
Source: University of North Carolina
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