Posted: December 25, 2007

50% discount on 'Nanotechnology for Security and Crime Prevention' conference

(Nanowerk News) The Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN) in the UK is offering a 50% discount (£200) if you register before the end of the year for their upcoming nanotechnology conference "Nanotechnology for Security and Crime Prevention".
Nanotechnology for Security and Crime Prevention
Building on the success of previous conferences on the theme of Crime Prevention and Detection, this one day event will provide an update on new scientific developments in the fight against crime, based on nanotechnologies.
Presentations will include the latest advances in nanotechnology as applied to analytical techniques, anti counterfeiting, biometrics, personal safety, financial and computer-based security. Other nanotechnology-based techniques in crime prevention and detection will be presented.
Future or reality...?
  • Low energy, ambient sensor networks that can provide information from remote locations and operate with multiple redundancies
  • Sensitive sensors able to detect noxious substances and neutralise them long before they can have an effect
  • Forgery a thing of the past through the inexpensive exploitation of novel material properties
  • Improvements to forensics - removing doubt
  • and many more…
  • Find out which companies and leading researchers are manufacturing and developing these technologies today, at the third IoN ‘Nanotechnology for Security and Crime Prevention’ conference.
    Source: The Institute of Nanotechnology
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