Posted: December 26, 2007

NDSCS scheduled to receive nanotechnology funds

(Nanowerk News) Workforce needs and regional needs are often changing. A classroom and what's taught in the classroom often need to meet those changes. Money for North Dakota State College of Science included in the Omnibus Appropriations bill will allow the college to continue to meet those needs. If signed, more than $1 million will go toward the NDSCS Nanoscience Technology program, which can provide unique opportunities to its students that will meet the current needs of business and industry in North Dakota and around the nation.
The Nanoscience Technology program is a five semester program completed in two years. The program trains students in industrial-scale manufacturing of nano and micro-sized products from a variety of sectors.
Funding in the amount of $957,967 would be used to develop an NDSCS Center for Nanoscience Technology Training. The center would offer advanced curriculums related to nanoscience to its students.The second project scheduled to be funded through the Omnibus Appropriations bill, in the amount of $351,000, is a Nanotechnology Applied Science Laboratory that would serve as training grounds for jobs in the region's expanding nanoscience and high-tech industries.
"These projects work together so well together," said Dr. Michael Burke, program director at Center for Nanoscience Technology Training.
"The Nanotechnology Applied Science Laboratory is a critical element within the CNTT and is where many of the technical skills will be taught on industry-standard equipment. The laboratory is being designed in a very flexible fashion so that our instruction can change and be responsive to the needs of the workforce and region."
By preparing NDSCS students with the skills to enter in the nanoscience workforce, they are sending them out into a field that produces two to three million new jobs by the year 2015.
"The funding approved by Congress for these projects will greatly help NDSCS respond in a timely fashion to several of emerging technologies and the industries that use them," said Harvey Link, vice president for institutional advancement and government relations.
"Senators Dorgan, Conrad and Congressman Pomeroy recognize that a highly-skilled workforce will be imperative for technology driven industries of the future."
"We greatly appreciate the congressional delegations ongoing support of NDSCS and we are anxious to further develop both the Center for Nanoscience Technology Training and the Nanotechnology Applied Science Laboratory," said NDSCS President John Richman.
Source: Daily News
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