Posted: December 28, 2007

Nanotechnology coming to a face near you

(Nanowerk News) Here is our not too serious Slow News Friday nanotechnology story for this week:
Panasonic has introduced a new electrical shaver – the ES8228S Vortex™ Nano Shaver with Nanotech™ Blades – which it claims "delivers the sharpest blades for precise and accurate shaving, now with nanotechnology."
Nano shaver with nanotechnology
From the product description: "While conventional shavers offer a range of 45° to 90° blades, this Vortex shaver comes with the sharpest blade angle at 30° great for precision cutting. Nanotechnology was also used to polish the industry's sharpest 30° blades to achieve even better cutting performance."
Unfortunately they don't describe what 'nanotechnology' exactly they were using in polishing the blades. But it's interesting that they have a trademark sign shown on the word 'Nanotech' - hard to believe that this term can be trademarked.
Source: Panasonic
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