Posted: January 4, 2008

New nanotechnology center has opened in Vladivostok

(Nanowerk News) Two new scientific-educational centers were opened in the Institute of physics and informational technologies of Far Eastern National University (FENU) on Thursday, January 3.
Memorial plates were set up in honor of famous Far Eastern scientists that contributed a lot to development of science of our country.
"The Center of nanophysics and nanotechnology" and an optoelectronics and informational technology laboratory has been opened with grants that the institute won in contests.
Together with FENU funds, grants made up one billion Rubles. This money was spent on modern laboratory equipment and devices, repairing and preparation of laboratory rooms for the new centers.
Memorial plates will be set up in honor of outstanding scientists Valentina Vladislavovna VETER, Victor Grigorievich LIFSHITZ, Alexei Danilovich ERSHOV and Vasiliy Fedorovich EFIMENKO.
Source: Vladivostok Times
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