Posted: January 5, 2008

Nanotechnology to pervade automobiles

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology would soon have a pervasive effect on automotive products and manufacturing processes in the automobile industry, said Hyderabad-based International Advanced Research for New Materials Research Centre director G Sundara Rajan.
Delivering a lecture, ‘Nanotechnology - Automotive Sector,’ at GITAM University here today Rajan said the performance of materials can be improved through sustaining improvements in the properties of the material using nanotechnology.
These materials can be used in various parts of a vehicle and replacement of the existing automobile frames with carbon nanotube-based alloys will provide strength and reduce weight.
A range of fuel alternatives could be used as an auxiliary source of energy. Nano-catalysts and membrane technology will play critical role in making fuel cells economically viable and replacing the internal combustion engine, Rajan said.
The objective of nanotechnology use in automotive sector is to reduce fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and vehicle wear, he added.
GITAM University College of Engineering director V V Kutumba Rao and GITAM Society Secretary B V Mohana Rao were present.
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