Posted: January 8, 2008

Greener Nano 2008 Conference: Nanoscience for a sustainable future

(Nanowerk News) ONAMI and SNNI (Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacting Initiative) present the Greener Nano 2008 Conference: Nanoscience for a Sustainable Future, 10-11 March 2008 at the Hewlett-Packard Company Corvallis, OR site.
As nanotechnology advances, many questions arise regarding putative effects of engineered nanomaterials on the environment and health. How do we make the right decisions in the face of these uncertainties?
This conference focuses on cutting edge research in nanotechnology, potential biological and environmental impacts of nanomaterials and how to use this new knowledge to develop greener nanomaterials. We are especially pleased to present "A Conversation with Dave Chen" (founding partner, Equilibrium Capital Group, and Chair of the Oregon Innovation Council) to engage discussion in this important area. SNNI will also present its latest research advances in developing greener nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing processes.
For further information, visit the conference website:
Source: SNNI
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