Posted: January 10, 2008

Robin Garrell wins international award for pioneering nanotechnology research

(Nanowerk News) UCLA professor and California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) Member, Dr. Robin Garrell, has been selected by an independent panel of scientists to receive an international award and special recognition for her pioneering research work in nanotechnology.
Prof. Garrell received the Gold Medal in the 2007 Pioneering Nanotechnology Competition sponsored by Masscal Scientific Instruments of Orlando, Florida, for technical innovation in microfluidic devices. Dr. Garrell's award is in support of her research group's work in the development of miniature "laboratory on a chip" devices that can quickly and inexpensively perform multiple laboratory tests on very small samples.
The Pioneering Nanotechnology Competition was established to encourage and reward the highest level of research into understanding the behavior and characteristics of materials being used in nano-scale applications such as advanced electronics, fuel cells, medical implants and even environmental monitoring. The 2007 competition focused on specific technology that provides unique capabilities to make critical property measurements of thin and ultra-thin films beyond the size limitations of traditional measurement methods.
Competition winners were determined by an international panel of expert judges who awarded prizes based on technical merit and positive impact upon society. The award winners were announced at the recent North American Thermal Analytical Society meetings in East Lansing, Michigan.
Pioneering Nanotechnology Competition Award categories included:
  • Energy and the Environment;
  • Electronics and Communications;
  • Films, Coatings and Fibers;
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences; and
  • Novel Applications.
  • Prof. Garrell's research was recognized for innovation in the Novel Applications category. As part of the awards, Masscal Scientific Instruments is providing the top winners with access to Masscal's unique nanobalance/microcalorimeter technology, which provides scientists with new and powerful tools for accelerating and improving their valuable research efforts.
    The Grand Prize for the 2007 Pioneering Nanotechnology Competition was awarded to Prof. Vladimir Tsukruk of the Georgia Institute of Technology for his research on plasma polymer coated microcantilevers for explosives detection. Prof. Tsukruk received a $50,000 Masscal Nanobalance/Microcalorimeter during a special presentation and award ceremony held in Atlanta on Dec. 13th.
    Dr. Allan L. Smith, founder and President of Masscal Scientific Instruments, said the wide array of research proposals received from major universities and research labs demonstrates the broad need and potential for this new technology.
    "We were very excited to see that scientists working over a broad range of applications have so many ideas for using our system's micro- and nano-scale capabilities," Smith said. "Our technology is going to allow researchers to study materials in ways that have never been possible before."
    Dr. John W. Furry, Chief Executive Officer of Masscal Scientific Instruments, said Masscal is dedicated to being a leader and an enabler of cutting-edge nanotechnology research.
    "I'm proud that Masscal Scientific Instruments is going to help make possible these very important research projects and the impacts they will make on how people live in the 21st century," Furry said. "I will be following the progress with great interest."
    Source: CNSI